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Flying Chair Installation Steps

February 18, 2018

I. Open the container, inspect the goods

Reference design documents and technical information supplied with the machine, the device packing list, check one by one of the main pieces of equipment, the number of accessories and spare parts, models, specifications, materials, whether the appearance are damaged.


II. Flying Chair Installation Steps

Review the Base --- Flying Chair Main Body Install --- Welding Base of Tower Body --- Tower Roof Install --- Electrical Part and Decorative parts Install --- Chair Install


1. Start to assembling the flying chair main body, pay attentions to the marks, use the crane to lifting the main body to the base, the chassis should be in line with base, then welding the base firmly.

2. Install the flying chair roof, the roof assemble according to the marks. After roof finished, use the crane to lifting the roof on the main body, fix the main body and roof tightly.

3. Install the electrical part and decorative parts,assemble the fiberglass according to the flying chair outside view, assemble the electrical part according to the flying chair circuit diagram.

4. Chair Install, use scaffolding, hanging the rings on end of chain and secondary safety chain to the lifting eye, adjust the seats.

5. After the installation is completed, test and review the whole machine of flying chair.

Installation Steps